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For anyone who has ever felt the need for a wiggle, stomp, or squeeze!


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Why Us

"I often find myself trying to explain to parents why their child needs wiggles, stomps, and squeezes to get through their day while experiencing sensory input in ways that are different and often more intense. This is the first book I have come across that provides a very real glimpse into the lived experience of a child with sensory differences. What a wonderful book that so many families can benefit from!"

Caitlyn Berry, Occupational Therapist

"Wiggles, Stomps and Squeezes playfully validates the unique sensory experiences of children, written from their own perspective. I'm excited for every kid that will see themselves in this beautiful book!"

Mark Loewen, Author
"What Does a Princess Really Look Like?" 

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"I have worked in special education for 12 years and have not come across a book that explains these jittery feelings until now. This book will capture the hearts of families and children with unique needs as well as educate those unfamiliar with sensory differences." 

Bridget Martinez, Special Education Teacher

Meet The Creators

Meet the Creators


Lindsey Rowe Parker


Lindsey is a mom at the tail-end of toddler-hood, embracing the next phase of parenting while learning to navigate and advocate for her autistic daughter.  With a recent adult diagnosis of ADHD, and a new deeper understanding of her own sensory experiences, she has begun to delve into the neurodiversity community learning all she can from neurodivergent voices.  This is her first picture book, and she hopes it connects with everyone who has felt the need for a wiggle, stomp or squeeze!

Lindsey es una madre inmersa en las aventuras de la infancia de sus chiquitines, aceptando la próxima fase de ser madre mientras aprende a manejar y a abogar por su niña autista. Con un diagnóstico reciente de TDAH en su adultez y una comprensión mas profunda de sus propias experiencias sensoriales, ella ha comenzado a ahondar en la comunidad con neuro diversidad, aprendiendo todo lo que puede de voces neuro diversas. Este es su primer libro ilustrado, y espera que toda persona que haya sentido la necesidad de menearse, pisotear o recibir un apretón se pueda identificar con el mismo.


Rebecca Burgess


Rebecca is an autistic illustrator living in the UK. They love history and nature, but comics and illustration most of all! Their passion has led them to work with the likes of The Guardian and Jessica Kingsley Publishing. Rebecca is most famous for their online comic 'Understanding The Spectrum', a comic explaining autism that has been shared in several books and used by parents, teachers and doctors.

Rebecca es une ilustradore autista que vive en el Reino Unido. Le encanta la historia y la naturaleza, pero sobre todo las historietas y la ilustración. Esta pasión le ha llevado a trabajar con casas publicadoras como el periódico ‘The Guardian’ y ‘Jessica Kingsley Publishing’. Rebecca es más famose por su historieta en línea ‘Understanding the Spectrum’, una historieta que explica el autismo y que ha sido compartida en varios libros y usada por padres, maestros y doctores.


Laura Fuentes Lopez

Spanish Translation

Laura is a bilingual speech-language pathologist who is passionate about working with children with speech and language difficulties. She has been working specifically with children ages 0-11 for 14 years. Laura enjoys working closely with parents and learning about their home routines in order to develop and carry out a therapy plan that targets the child’s needs and harmonizes with the family dynamics. She currently specializes in early intervention. During that time, she has had the opportunity to care for children with a wide variety of needs, including Autism and sensory differences. Laura is also the mother of two curious and active children who love stomps, wiggles and squeezes.

Laura es una patóloga del habla bilingüe a quien le apasiona trabajar con la población infantil que presenta dificultades con el habla o lenguaje. Lleva 14 años trabajando específicamente con niños de 0-11 años.  A Laura le entusiasma interactuar con los padres, para aprender las rutinas del hogar y así desarrollar y llevar a cabo un plan de terapia que cubra las necesidades del niño o niña y que armonice con la dinámica familiar. Actualmente se especializa en intervención temprana. Durante ese tiempo ha tenido la oportunidad de atender una gran variedad de niños y niñas con diferentes condiciones, entre ellas Autismo y diferencias sensoriales.  Laura también es madre de dos chiquillos curiosos y activos a los que les encantan los pisotones, meneos y apretones.

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