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Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes releases Calming My Jitters Activity Book!

Do you know a kid who likes to wiggle? 1 in 6 children* struggles daily with sensory processing challenges. You probably know one or two! Maybe that is even you?

Calming My Jitters Sensory Activity Book is the companion book to Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down, an award-winning picture book about sensory differences!

This fun sensory activity guide is jam-packed with activities that involve your 8 senses (yes, 8!). Readers can play Sensory Simon says, decode word scrambles, navigate an obstacle course, reflect on creative prompts, play games, make icky sticky slime, and much more! We've snuck in some learning too!

“It is important to me that these books and activities are accessible to as many people as possible, and that starts with our educators,” says author Lindsey Rowe Parker. “We approved this activity book for reproduction in educational settings, so copy away! With additional videos, resources, and book lists, we’re just a wiggle, stomp, and squeeze away from learning to calm our jitters down — and a more inclusive experience for your neurodiverse students.”

  • Neurodiversity Affirming Story

  • Read Aloud Videos in English, Spanish and ASL

  • Bulk Discounts for Schools and Organizations

  • Companion Reading & Activity Guide

The world is better because you are in it!

“My favorite theme of this book is that the child is accepted and understood,” says Lindsey. “She is not asked to change, she is supported, she is allowed to be herself, she is loved.”

Activities that explore sensory differences help kids to find the language they need to express how they're feeling and better understand themselves. Adding stories and activities about sensory differences to your inclusive library, school, or bookshelf at home empowers kids to feel seen, known, and loved — just as they are.

“BQB Publishing’s mission is to bring new authors with cutting edge books into the marketplace,” says Terri Leidich, President/Publisher of BQB and WriteLife Publishing. “Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes is a stunning example of a fresh new voice telling a story from a perspective that young readers and adults alike can relate to or learn from.”

Get the Book!

Calming My Jitters Sensory Activity Book is available now for preorder and will hit shelves summer 2023. You can also order through your local bookstore or library.

About the Author: Lindsey Rowe Parker

Lindsey Rowe Parker is a neurodivergent author and mom of multiple sensory kids! With an adult diagnosis of ADHD, and a new deeper understanding of her own sensory experiences, she has begun to delve into the neurodiversity community learning all she can from neurodivergent voices.

Lindsey is the author of the award-winning book about sensory differences, Wiggles, Stomps and Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down and she hopes it connects with everyone who has felt the need for a wiggle, stomp or squeeze!

About the Illustrator: Rebecca “Bex” Burgess

Rebecca is an autistic illustrator living in the UK. They love history and nature, but comics and illustration most of all! Their passion has led them to work with the likes of The Guardian and Jessica Kingsley Publishing. Rebecca is most famous for their online comic 'Understanding The Spectrum', a comic explaining autism that has been shared in several books and used by parents, teachers and doctors.

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The book is published by BQB Publishing and distributed by IPG.


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